Solid Stainless Steel Pull Handles and Push Plates

For access to a sturdy and popular push plate and pull handles

Pull handles normally bear a lot of pressure as people use them to pull various sized doors, often with gusto! It is both irritating and unsafe if your hand slips from the pull handle as you try to open a door. Whenever you have doors that need to be pulled open or pushed shut, it is of utmost importance that the pull handles provide a strong slip-free grip.


That is why we have put in careful thought into the design elements of our Push Plate and Pull handles . We insist on a 2mm thick backplate with a 16mm thick pull handle to provide a strong and comfortable grip to the room entrant.

Made by using only the best quality of stainless steel Style Finish Design push plates are firmly fitted with either a concealed fix (no screw holes) or visible fix (screws can be seen.) They are also easy to clean and can be wiped off using a wet cloth.