Privacy Sets

Fitting new door hardware for a bathroom door, or other personal space where privacy is preferred? If, so consider which locking system is best for you! View our range of privacy door locks and sets.


Privacy Locking Systems or Privacy Sets for Bathrooms or Bedrooms

Designed to compliment your chosen Door Hardware a complete Bathroom Privacy Set includes the following three items that are sold separately: Privacy Thumb Turn, Emergency Release (Indicating or Non-Indicating) and a Privacy Bolt. These three items all work together to meet your privacy needs. We have options for standard hinged doors and flush versions for sliding doors.

Option 1: Round or Square Privacy Set

A privacy set consists of a Thumb Turn and Emergency Release. The Thumb turn is fixed to the inside of the door to enable the locking function and the Emergency Release is fixed on the outside of the door. The two parts are connected by a 4.5mm square spindle which passes through the deadbolt mechanism in the door.

Option 2: Integrated Privacy

A simple and effective solution is to select your preferred door handle and opt for “Integrated Privacy”. Simply put, your chosen ‘Rose’ (the round backplate on which your door handle is fixed) has a small ‘privacy button’. When pushed in, this privacy button works with its partnering privacy latch to lock the door – the lever door handle cannot be operated from outside. The door is easily unlocked from the inside simply by operating the lever door handle as you normally would.

Emergency Release

The Emergency Release features a safety slot, in which a screwdriver, coin or similar item can be placed to turn the lock in the event of an Emergency. You can also choose an Indicating/non-Indicating emergency release (pictured below) which provides a visual cue as to whether the room is occupied.

Our Bathroom Privacy Locks

We frequently recommend Privacy Sets for families with young children or the Elderly. A Thumb Turn is easy to operate, the Emergency Release is an important safety feature and occupants are less likely to accidentally lock themselves in (which sometimes happens with the Integrated privacy button).

Privacy Bolts

The Thumb Turn and Emergency Release are almost always placed underneath your lever door handle, so be sure to select the same size rose and finish to complete the look. Designed to compliment your chosen Door Hardware these Privacy Sets are available in Polished or Satin Stainless Steel or Brass in an Antique, Satin or Polished finish. Thumb turns and emergency release are available on a round rose or a square rose featuring a visible or concealed (no screw holes) fix.

Product Finishes

We offer wide variety of product finishes for all our products, and custom colours are also available.

Satin Stainless Steel Polished Stainless Steel Satin Black Chrome
Satin Gold/Brass Polished Gold/Brass
Antique Brass Antique Bronze

We also do Custom Electroplated, Baked Enamel, or any Powder Coated Finishes. View our Product Finishes Page to learn more, or get in touch.

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