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Lorient 5040 60mm Brush Door Seal
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Hard-wearing, heavy duty brush seals for use with larger gap sizes and more challenging applications. Suitable for sealing garage doors as per AS3959 Bushfire standard.

  • Can be used with any threshold plate.
  • Suitable for garage doors as detailed in AS3959.
  • Filaments retained in anodised aluminium carrier.
  • Durability: Long term mechanical test, completing 1,000,000 cycles without failure.

LORIENT 5040 - 60mm Brush, Medium Duty, Sweep Action Brush Seal with Aluminium Carrier, Brush L1000mm x H60mm

SKU WSLOR5040.1000

Clear Anodised
Brush L1000mm x H60mmBrush L2100mm x H60mm

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