Lorient 7005 Perimeter Door Seal
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A robust stop mounted compression seal incorporating an anodised aluminium carrier fitted with fire rated silicone rubber gasket and non-shrink, click-fit cover strip. The seal is fitted to the head and jambs of the door frame to create an effective seal between the frame and the door face.

  • Compact and effective acoustic seal that can easily be retrofitted to existing door assemblies.
  • Fitted with high performance fire rated silicone rubber gasket.
  • Supplied with slotted fixing holes for accurate positioning and easy adjustment.
  • Non-shrink, click fit cover strip conceals the fixing points.
  • Fire: Tested in accordance with AS1530.4 on proprietary fire doors.
  • Sound: Acoustically tested in accordance with ISO10140-2 and AS/NZS717.1 with ratings up to 31Rw on appropriate rated assemblies.

LORIENT 7005 - Slimline Perimeter Seal with Concealed Fixing and Silicone Gasket, L1000mm

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Clear Anodised
L1000mmDouble Door Set - Sides 2100mm, Top 2100mmDouble Door Set - Sides 2750mm, Top 2100mmL2100mmL2750mmL3000mmSingle Door Set - Sides 2100mm, Top 1000mmSingle Door Set - Sides 2750mm, Top 1000mm

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