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Zanda Overhead Door Stop

  • These overhead stainless steel Door Stops provide the perfect solution for areas where door opening is restricted or it is simply impractical to fit a standard door stop to the floor or skirting. Toilets, showers, towel rails, tiled floors with underfloor heating or any other application where a floor or skirting mount stop is not suitable. You won’t trip over these or stub your toe on them and installation is easy. The overhead door stop is completely out of the way, in contrast with floor or wall mounted stops. Floor or wall mounted stops can be a stumbling hazard and are susceptible to damage by accident and vandalism. Another common place where it is difficult to install door stops is to doors that open from the home into a garage where the floor is a complete step-down from the level of the house slab. Here the door completely swings over the top of any floor mounted stop and once again it is not ideal for a door mounted stop to hit the plasterboard walls as eventually a hole is driven through the wall by the stop. The overhead door stop is your solution, once again Zanda is providing innovation to the Architectural Hardware industry.
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